Sunday, March 17, 2013

wiws: st. patrick's day

today i am linking up with all the girls at fine linen and purple.
it is st. patrick's day, so what kind of catholic girl would i be if i didn't wear green?
the problem:  the only green i own is a thin summer scarf.
so a thin summer scarf it was and chilly i was too!
today we walked into mass during the responsorial psalm.
epic fail!
something about having a "big" family makes us get to mass on time.
our herd walking in late with all the stares.
and what would we ever do if we couldn't sit together?
you know because of our seating chart order.
now i am supposed to tell you where i got the ensemble.
read ahead if you are going for a mixed up season look.
shirt - penneys
skirt - target
scarf - eddie bauer
boots - some store in the mall
disclaimer:  i do not think 5 kids equals a big family at all.
it is just "big" for our parish.


Erica Saint said...[Reply]

You look great! Your scarf is very pretty.

Kathryn said...[Reply]

I was lamenting my lack of green this morning, too! Holla to the momma of 5. Right there with ya. I think you scarf is awesome!

Shannon said...[Reply]

You look super-cute and ready for spring. Bring on the warm weather!

Jeannine said...[Reply]

You look amazing, Courtney!

I have that skirt! May I be back in it soon!

I love how this all came together.

Happy St. P Day!

Erika said...[Reply]

This is adorable! Love the pencil skirt, scarf, and boots. I'm not much of a green person either, this is the first St. Patty's Day that I've had a truly green shirt to wear :)

Unknown said...[Reply]

Great outfit. Love the length of the skirt with the boots. So cute!

Unknown said...[Reply]

The scarf is perfect! It really makes the outfit "pop" :)

sarah marie said...[Reply]

I love your scarf! Five kids sounds like a 'big' family to me, since I only have a ten-month-old (so far anyway :))... and some days I wonder how on earth people manage with more kids! Then again, I'm from a family of four kids, and I could never figure out why people thought our family was 'big'.