Monday, April 29, 2013

birthday season #1

it's birthday season #1 here.
 which means the 3 oldest boys and i all have our birthdays within 15 days.
so if you take that and add
a husband, 5 boys, a house to run and
a mom with low iron...
you get me barely crawling through my days.
but after a few hamburgers, a weekend with my favorite people and a clean house,
i feel like walking through my days again.
(why does a clean house help so much??)
first, bauer turned 13.
he is making a liar out of all the people who say teenagers are difficult.
he's been a teenager for a whole 11 days and he's not turned on us yet.
just the other night he told me that before he goes to sleep at night he checks on each of his brothers.
and bronson is now 10!
because of him, i now have more boys that are double digits than single digits.
my poor middle child.
he is so sweet and easy and the only blond one i've got.
i did not get a good picture of him.
and his cake turned out, ummm...
however, my creative boy made the top look good:
and today is my birthday. 
i get to be 38 years old.

husband decorated my bathroom mirror.
the sun is shining and it is going to get up to 80' today.
bo christian and i have already been for a run.
after the boys get out of school, caden and i are going to the eye doctor.
husband is "cooking" supper at our favorite burrito joint
since kids eat free tonight.
exciting things happen when you turn 38 years old!
then, thursday is caden's 12th birthday.
birthday season #2 will not be until november.
the husband and the 2 little boys have their birthdays then.
nope, we didn't plan to birth our kids so close to our birthdays.
i do like a good plan, but not that much!

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