Tuesday, April 30, 2013

God's weaving

my boys have been in private schools.
i have homeschooled them.
right now they are in public schools.
i think there are positive and negatives to all the choices.
this is not a post about which is better.
and i totally understand when someone says this is what they are going to do for this year.
i really miss homeschooling my boys.
i enjoyed it.  like a whole lot.
but, we felt like God wanted our boys back in school.
so we enrolled them in school.
so, i ask God all the time if i can homeschool at least some of them again.
it has nothing to do with their wonderful schools,
but it has everything to do with me.
He hasn't said yes yet.
(this really does have a point- at least for me)
one night last week one of my big boys was frustrated about some school stuff.
he was so mad he just wanted to break something is what he said.
somehow (obviously it was the Holy Spirit) i got the idea that he needed to get the sledge hammer and bust up some concrete blocks.
the remains and weeds.
i sat on the swing set with bo christian in my lap.
while watching my boy, i was confused, mad and sad.
he was so angry.
i started praying.  i wanted to homeschool him and protect him.
then, God made it clear.
this is why my boy needs to be in school.
my boy needs to go through this.
i know all of this will help my boy to want God more.
that is all really want for each of my boys.
and it is making me lean more on God also.
it is amazing to me how God weaves all of our lives.
he sees all the details and misses nothing.

and boys are so different from girls!!!
after all his sledge hammering, he was a happy peaceful boy again..??..

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