Monday, July 30, 2012

how i found out i was pregnant

no.  i'm not pregnant now.
not that i wouldn't be happy if i was.
but that is a totally different story.
this is about how i found out i was pregnant with bo christian.
it was on a wednesday in march of 2011.

i had prayed for a baby for 5 long years.  i did not talk to anyone about the gaping hole in my family or the emptiness in my heart that would not go away.  who would understand?  i already had 4 awesome boys.  and i felt guilty for wanting another baby.  some women can't even have one baby.  i already had four babies to love.
i had started asking God to take my desire for another baby away.
on that wednesday, i was in the chapel telling Mary all about the anguish in my heart.  i asked her to go beg Jesus on my behalf to take the pain away.  then she spoke to me.  i did not hear a voice, but she spoke to my heart.  she told me i was pregnant.  in that instant i felt indescribable peace.  and joy.  lots and lots of joyful happiness. 

i was 3 weeks and 6 days pregnant.

thank you Mary!
thank you God for letting us raise bo christian for you!

all good giving and every perfect gift is from above...  james 1:17

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