Friday, August 3, 2012

happy things

1.  i went to the farmers market this week for the first time this year.  all the produce was so colorful and it looks beautiful on my counter.  i will be going back next week.

husband thinks i am crazy because this makes me happy.


2.  while i was in target with all my boys, a young guy walked up to me.  he complimented me on my parenting style.  it felt as an angel fluttered by and gave me a thumbs up.  i get it all wrong so often, but i need to remember that i do get it right some of the time.

3.  this book.  oh my.  i picked it off the shelf at the library because i liked the cover.  i didn't expect much from it, but it really has me thinking.  i read a chapter and ponder.  it is about how a simple life can help us to have a stronger relationship with God.

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