Wednesday, August 1, 2012

saturday night

i get all sorts of comments about having 5 boys.  one i get asked a lot is if our home is exciting.  i guess it is at times.  but i live here in the middle of it all, so it seems normal to me.  this past saturday night was not exciting, but just plain weird.  all night long.  the boys did the most odd ball things.

while one boy was setting the table he declared that when he grows up he wants to be a backup quarterback for some professional team.  the husband and i glared at him.  husband finally broke the silence and asked why he only wanted to be second best.  his reply went like this:  because you get paid to sit on the bench and get the best view of the game.  and you only have to play if the quarterback gets hurt.

i was speechless.  i couldn't argue with his point, but still...

at dinnertime we all sit together at the table and try to use manners.  we ate yummy burritos with cheese dip.  at one point during dinner husband and i were having our own conversation while the boys were having their own.  out of the corner of my eye i noticed 2 boys were standing up with their shirts off.  then i realized chips were falling out of their belly buttons.  they had put cheese dip in their belly buttons and were having their belly buttons "eat" the chips.  and somehow that was funny to all of them.

really?  cheese dip in your belly button.  that is just nasty.

while the boys were getting ready for bed, one boy was talking baby talk.  i asked him why.  he informed me that it wasn't baby talk; he was talking like a caveman.  hearing the discussion, husband walks into the bedroom with questioning eyes.  i explained the caveman talk.  then, the same boy sings:
me chinese, me play joke
me put pee-pee in your coke.

baby talk, caveman talk, chinese boy?  i guess they all sound the same.

while husband wrestled the baby into his jammies, i overheard him whisper,  "thank goodness you're cute, because you're a turd knocker.  You'll fit in right nicely with your brothers." 

the end.

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