Thursday, October 11, 2012

brother love

connor and i were holding hands walking through the grocery to pick out a red pepper.
connor loves red peppers.
i was enjoying myself.  for real.
then, out of no where connor said, "i can't wait until we get another baby brother."
at first i was shocked.
and a bit surprised.
as we walked in silence i got it---

he loves bo christian so much that he wants another brother.
he wants another brother even though bo christian messes up his lego creations.
even though bo christian turns off the xbox when he is playing it.
and even though bo christian has taken away a lot of the attention he used to get.

i love connor's face and bo christian's determination.
after baby #5 i am just starting to learn how another baby does bring more love to a family.
and no, i don't think connor realizes that there is a tiny chance he could get a sister.
and double no, i am not pregnant.


Vera said...[Reply]

Bless that little boy. Jessie has added so much to our chaos....would not have it any other just wait, those clothes are waiting for you.....

courtney said...[Reply]

i *love* the chaos too!
and you get the clothes first - so excited for y'all!!