Tuesday, October 9, 2012

it's the fall y'all

fall is here.
or coming.
i don't keep up with the date.
i do not like fall.
it only means one thing to me:  winter is coming.
i don't like the cold.
i like it hot!
i know husband is tired of hearing me complain about the cold already.
so, i decided i would try to focus on the positive.
here is what i came up with:
baking:  i like to bake and i don't bake much in the summer.  i'm like an old lady that doesn't want to heat the house up by using the oven.  i bake lots lots in the fall and winter.
hot showers:  i do like a hot shower and they are only good in the fall and winter.  see, i like hot.

football:  i like to listen to husband and the boys watch football.
our fire pit:  i like sitting around the fire with husband and the boys.  i like the smores too.

halloween:  not the most important holiday, but my favorite one.  what does that say about me???
and that is the end of my big list.

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