Wednesday, October 10, 2012

this morning.

i like to keep things positive around here.
but i also want to be real.
this is our "real" so far today:
we are all exhausted.
all these sports are starting to get to us.
we need some down time.
but still...
bo christian was up 3 times last night.
he wasn't hungry - he was uncomfortable.
he has 3 teeth coming in.  he already has 4.
why does he need 7 teeth?  it isn't like we are eating steak around here.
husband let me sleep late while he made breakfast.
that made him very late for work.
like 15 minutes late.
that makes me feel guilty.
and then there was something about a boy needs his own drawer for his toothbrush.  what???
when you share a bathroom with 3 other brothers, i don't think you get your own drawer.
a toothbrush was hidden behind a trash can.
a brother ended up in the bath tub with his clothes on.
and then lots of yelling from all of us.
isn't that a great way for a mom to send her boys off to school?
tonight we are going to bed early.
well, as early as we can after the soccer game.
and tomorrow morning we will try again.

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