Tuesday, August 14, 2012

connor lost a tooth

after connor brushed his teeth one night he came downstairs crying.  "dad, i need to go into your bathroom."

that was not going to happen.

the baby had been unusually fussy and he was finally asleep.  he sleeps in our room.

husband asked why and connor sobs, "i need my dirty shorts."

for sure not going to happen.  especially for dirty shorts.

while i turned around to laugh, husband calmly asked why he needed those dirty shorts.  connor started crying even harder, "they have my tooth in them."

oh.  it was going to happen.
connor went into our bathroom and got the tooth out of his dirty shorts.  he came out with a huge smile on his face.

he asked for help writing a note to the tooth fairy.

it says:  please give me more than a $100.99
(look at that cute little tooth in the bag)

he wanted to write "please give me more than a hundred dollar buck".  it was too close to my bedtime to patiently spell out hundred and dollar and buck.

the tooth fairy left him this:

when he first woke up the next morning he was really excited.

then he told me it was just a "printed sheet".  when i questioned him he pointed out that the back was just white paper.  he said he didn't think it was real money.  he left it laying on the counter.

during breakfast he got up and took his hundred dollar buck off of the counter and studied it more.  then he said something about daddy made it on the computer because it is just a picture of a real dollar.  he was sure i didn't do it because i wasn't as smart as daddy.

how in the world can he figure all of that out, but not the obvious?


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