Wednesday, August 15, 2012

ramblings from this past week

i read a novel.  i really like to read a good novel, but i won't let myself often.  this one had been on my nightstand for weeks.  see, i have a problem.  when i start a good novel, i can not put it down.  it is like asking me to turn the tv off in the middle of a really good movie.  when i do put it down to do what i have to do - like, change a diaper or feed my boys or converse with husband - i am grouchy.  all i can think about is getting back to my book. 

this time my house was as clean as it gets and my laundry was all caught up so, i thought i would indulge myself.

it did not disappoint.  all 465 pages were good.  i was living life in the 1890s with a rich heiress.  i can never get over all the social rules those people followed.  i would never ever survive.

which leads me to...
a few weeks ago bo christian and i were having some nursing issues.  we went to our family doctor.  he fixed both of us and fast forward to this past week.

i took bo christian in to get his ears checked.  dr.o asked how my breasts were doing. 

that sounded all wrong to me.  like offensively wrong.  and gross.

see it goes like this.

breasts - old church ladies have these - NOT me
boobs - hooters girls have these - NOT me
boobies - this is me

so my reply went like this:  you mean my boobies?

dr.o started laughing and struggled to get out:  well, the professional term is breasts.

me:  well, i have boobies and they are great.  thanks.

it wasn't until i was in the car and i called husband to tell him about the conversation that i got it.  it was funny.  like really funny.  dr.o had good reason to laugh.  i have been laughing at myself ever since.

in the past i would've been embarrassed, but not long ago i read jeremiah 1:5.
"before i formed you in the womb i knew you..."
God knew me and all i was about and he still chose to make me.  he knew i would say the wrong things and he still loves me.

btw - i adore dr.o.  he is a rare combination of smart, hilarious, easy to understand, caring.  just a wonderful doctor.

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