Monday, August 13, 2012

to my husband

dear husband,

thank you for buying me the cake stand.  i really do like it.  you know i've wanted one for years.

i thought i would use it today.  i made a cake.

remember when i said that this fall i was going to master making cakes? i really did not think it could be that hard. i mean after all, i can make cookies, homemade bread, brownies, and a bunch of other yummy baked goods.

look at what i made. i know it is ugly. but the boys did say it tasted good. well, except bronson. he said it would be better if the cake was crunchy.  whatever.  i don't think his opinion counts.

anyways, notice anything?


i know i didn't put icing on the sides.

notice anything else?


i didn't know how to ice the sides because the bottom cake is square and the top cake is circular. i can only find one of my cake pans. where is the other one?

i almost sat down and cried in the kitchen floor, but instead i laughed.  like really hard.  how can making a cake be so hard for me?  i don't think i am ready to give up yet. 

ready to eat some ugly cake?



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