Friday, August 17, 2012

happy things

1.  us

i like our feet.

pretend the concrete is white sand, the asphalt is the ocean, the street light is the setting sun.

husband, one day we will have our dream.

in real life we were on the driveway playing with the camera flash while the boys rode their bikes and bo christian was in his walker.

2.  we went on a date.  on a motorcycle date. 
before you get any crazy ideas there was no black leather, tattoos or bars involved - not that there is anything wrong with those things, they are just not my style.  but, there was converse, ball caps and pink fleece.

first of all, it was COLD outside.  like under 70' cold.  i even had to drink hot water with my dinner.  btw - want to confuse a waiter/waitress?  just try to order hot water in a mug.  dare you.

we did the most fun thing.  something i've been scared to do.  something that husband does all the time, but never tells me.  it is that scary.
ready for it?

we rode the motorcycle on the interstate.

it was out of necessity.  the sitter called.  bo christian missed us.  it was an emergency - but not really.  i thought we had to get home fast, so husband took us on the interstate.

and the whole time i was thinking "why was i so scared of this?"
yep, not that scary.

3.  i *love* everything about this picture.

these 3 crammed into a tiny closet.
caden and bronson built legos in there most of the morning.
they gave bo-bo his button (passy) so that he wouldn't eat any legos.
then they gave him a boomerang to play with.


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