Wednesday, October 31, 2012

halloween and other things

today is halloween.
my most favorite holiday.
i have not bought a pumpkin or made a costume this year.
and that is why i love it!
i don't have to plan a single thing and it will still be great.
my boys dress up, get candy from neighbors and we give candy to other happy children.  how fun is that!?!
last night we bought the candy and whatever the big boys needed for their costumes.
bo christian will be a puppy.  the same costume caden, bronson and connor wore.
he will be adorable!
connor has figured out how to carry bo christian.  bo wraps his legs tightly around connor's waist.  he hangs on like a baby monkey.  connor walked with him while i made pancakes this morning.
for the month of november i am going to post something i am thankful for every day.
wow, just writing that sounds like a challenge - not the thankful part, the everyday computer time part.  i want to keep up!

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