Thursday, November 1, 2012

thankful for slow days

the other day i needed to go into the mall.
i decided i would let bo christian walk since we were not in a hurry.
you know the lady you get stuck behind and you just want to scream 'pick that baby up - you are slowing me down!'
yep, that was me.
i liked the feel of his little tiny hand in mine as we walked in silence.
how he would pull my hand where he wanted to go.
he noticed every time the flooring changed. and it does a lot in a mall. i had never noticed.
when i did pick him up, he really didn't care.
it was like he saw a whole different place.  he probably did considering his size.
i could not believe how far he walked.  he's still not one year old.  i guess he has lots of places to go.

i am thankful i have the time to slow down and enjoy my boys.

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