Friday, November 2, 2012

thankful for the library

i know i am a dork.
but it is true, i am thankful for our library.
it is like my personal storage building for all my books.
they buy the books, take care of them, and even put them back in the correct spot for me.
did you know that you can request books and most of the time they will order the book for you?
when i home schooled the boys, we would go every other week.
we would check out 30-40 books each time.
that's a lot of books!
we would read most of them, but sometimes the boys would get thick non-fiction books just to look at the pictures.
our library is in the middle of a small park.
a park full of ducks that like to be fed stale bread.

 next time bo christian and i will take bread.
i think he's ready to throw bread to those ducks.

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